Nebraska LLC Certificate of Organization – How to Register

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If you are forming a Nebraska LLC, then this page’s content would be vital. As you learn how to start an LLC, you will realize that the bulk of your initial work and LLC cost comprises filing a Nebraska certificate of organization, which we will elaborate on this page.   

What is a Certificate of Organization?

A Certificate of Organization, also known as an LLC certificate or Articles of Organization in some states, is a document filed with the secretary of state to form an LLC.

Each state has a different requirement to fill out a form. A Certificate of Organization usually includes the following:

  • The name of the LLC,
  • the effective date of the LLC,
  • the company’s principal office,
  • the business purpose,
  • the duration of the business, 
  • a copy of the LLC’s name registration certificate, and
  • the name and address of the registered agent, organizers, and
  • at least one member of the company.

You can file a Certificate of Organization online, by mail, or in person.

Note that the certification of formation is a legal requirement, not to mention, the core of your LLC formation. It even makes up the bulk of your Nebraska LLC cost. Without it, you have no LLC. So, take the time to complete and file this certificate.

How to File an Nebraska Certificate of Organization

These are the simple steps to follow in filing a Certificate of Organization in Nebraska.

Step 1: Find Forms Online

Go to the Nebraska Secretary of State to download the certificate of organization form for your LLC or to log into the online service.

Step 2: Fill Out Form

When filling out the form,  you must have reserved an LLC name. Do a name search. Go to Nebraska LLC Name Search to check whether your chosen business name is available to use in this state.

You must attach a copy of your Name Reservation to your filled-out Certificate of Organization form when filing. You also need to nominate a registered agent. Here are 3 of the best LLC services on our list.

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Step 3: File Formation Certificates

File your formation certificate either online or by mail by filling out a form and sending it to Robert B. Evnen, Secretary of State, P.O. Box 94608, Lincoln, NE 68509.

Filing Nebraska Certificate of Organization Online

Time needed: 5 minutes.

To set up your business LLC in the State of Nebraska, you must apply for the Certificate of Organization of your Nebraska LLC. The State offers both online as well as offline filing. When applying through online mode, your application is processed immediately. The formation guide in the following steps will help you file for the Nebraska LLC Certificate of Organization, so read on and get info.

  1. Visit the Official Website of the State of Nebraska

    Go to the Official Nebraska Secretary of State website. The Corporate Document eDelivery portal on the State website allows you to submit your business-related documents electronically with the Secretary of State office.

  2. Select the filing type

    On the given page, scroll down the page to Select the Filing Type and click on the option of ‘Forming a new entity/ qualifying a foreign entity’.

  3. Select the Entity type

    After selecting the ‘forming a new entity’ option, you need to select the entity type by clicking on the drop-down box. From this box, under the heading of ‘Limited Liability Company’ select the option of ‘Domestic Limited Liability Company’.

  4. Proceed to Registration

    On the next page, start filling in the required information in the Certificate of Organization form. Fill in the entity name, designated office address, and registered agent details. You also need to select your effective date of filing, whether it be considered from the date when filed or if there is a delayed effective date. Next, upload your documents in pdf format. Note that all the documents should be arranged as a single file only. After filling in all the details, press the ‘Continue’ tab.

  5. Review the information

    Before submitting your application, review all the information entered by you in the application thoroughly. All the information should be correct and accurate.

  6. Make the payment

    On the final page, you will be asked to proceed to the payment gateway page. Make the payment of $100 as an online filing fee for your Certificate of Organization.

    After submitting your application, you will receive a notification confirming your application from the State office.

Filing Nebraska Certificate of Organization by Mail

If you wish to file your Application of the Nebraska LLC Articles of Organization by mail, you can do that by mail as well. The State does not offer a standard template for filing, rather provides a set of instructions for the same.

  1. Access the Instructions by the State of Nebraska to abide by the filing instructions.
  2. Create your own form following the given set of instructions.
  3. You can also attach the name reservation certificate.
  4. Review the overall application to be correct and accurate as per the State guidelines.
  5. Make the payment of $110 payable to the ‘Secretary of State’.
  6. Send the documents to the following address, Secretary of State, P.O. Box 94608, Lincoln, NE 68509

Cost of filing a Nebraska Certificate of Organization

It is easier and more convenient to file for the Certificate of Organization through online filing than by offline filing. The overall cost to form a Nebraska LLC via mail is higher than online filing. Here is the cost of filing formation articles in Nebraska

  • Online filing costs $100
  • By mail filing costs $110

Where Can You Find Your Nebraska LLC Certificate of Organization

You have to create your own Certificate of Organization for Nebraska LLC by filling in the necessary details and then file it online or via mail. You can read the requirements about it on Nebraska Legislature website.

Getting a Nebraska LLC certificate of organization is one of the steps to getting your LLC in the state. A certificate of organization is a document that is filed with the Secretary of State. It must contain certain details about your business. It may be filed online, by mail, or both. It is very important to get this document filed correctly. Failure to get this document in the proper form can lead to severe penalties. You should seek legal advice if you have any questions about how to properly register your LLC.

If you want to know where to find a Nebraska LLC certificate of organization, you should first look at the statute that governs the state’s LLC formation. Nebraska Statute 21-117 outlines the details of what is required to form an LLC. The statute explains what information is needed, as well as the filing fee. The statute also provides the option of using a business formation service to file for your LLC. A business formation service can prepare formation documents for you, file them with the Secretary of State, and even assist you with drafting an operating agreement. Some businesses offer additional features, such as a personalized LLC records book, membership certificates, and business license advice.

Using a business formation service may save you time and money. If you want to save time, you can file your Nebraska LLC certificate of organization online. The process usually takes a few business days, depending on whether your document is backed up. A business formation service can also notify you when your document is ready. It can also help you choose a registered agent, who will be the legal representative of your LLC. An agent must be a resident of Nebraska. If you are having trouble choosing a registered agent, you can contact the Nebraska Registered Agent Service.

Choosing an LLC is one of the most important steps to starting your business. An LLC is a legal entity that protects your personal assets and provides flexibility in managing your business. An LLC can be a great choice for small businesses because it offers many benefits, including a tax structure that is flexible. The LLC also reduces owners’ liability exposure. It offers the opportunity to hire employees, open bank accounts, and file taxes. However, it is important to make sure that your business is compliant with state and federal regulations.

Nebraska LLCs are also required to file an annual report. This report contains basic information about your business, including your name, registered agent, and principal office address. A biennial report is also required, which outlines changes that have occurred to the structure of your business. It is also required to file an employer identification number (EIN), which is nine-digit number that you use to open bank accounts and hire employees. You will need your EIN to file taxes and open your business bank account.

The most important document that you will need to file for your Nebraska LLC is the certificate of organization. This is the document that will register your LLC with the Secretary of State. You can file this document electronically for a fee of $100 plus $5 per page. You can also file this document by mail, but it will take a little longer.


What is a Certificate of Organization?

A Certificate of Organization is a legal document that will officially make your LLC into existence. This document is needed specifically for Nebraska in forming an LLC business structure.

What information does a Certificate of Organization application need?

The application form for the Certificate of Organization needs to include the LLC name, date of establishment, the company’s registered office, business purpose, how long the business will exist, and a copy of the LLC’s name registration certificate.

What is the recommended method of filing a Certificate of Organization, online or by mail?

Filing by mail or in person is neither highly recommended nor required; waiting an extra week for your LLC to be approved isn’t that bad. The LLC approval you send in will be returned by mail. Online filing, meanwhile, is more convenient as you won’t have to stay in a queue.

In Conclusion

Articles of Organization or Certificate of Formation is the most important document for your Nebraska LLC. Before you submit/file the document make sure to provide proper and correct information about your company. If you have any questions, share that below in the comment section.

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