How to Search Names for Your Business – LLC Name Search

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All business entities should have a unique name that will allow people to identify the company and seek its services. When you are planning to open Limited Liability Companies, every step you have to consider is deciding on the business name. You can get most of the naming requirements from the Secretary of State LLC Name Search. Fulfill the criteria so your name won’t get rejected.

LLC name search

Can I name my LLC anything?

You can name your LLC whatever you wish to. You just need to make sure that the name you choose follows the LLC naming guidelines.

While your business name can be as long as it is not a trademark or service mark, there are some restrictions to keeping your name simple and unique. Some states have specific guidelines and you should check these before selecting your name. You can also name your LLC after yourself, but it’s important to remember that this limits your growth and potential sale. In addition, it is possible for large companies to sue you if your name is too similar to theirs.

Choosing a name for your business is important, as it conveys the right image to customers. You should try to come up with a name that is memorable and easy to spell. Having a simple, short name will make it easier for people to refer you to others. In addition, customers are most likely to remember businesses with names that evoke positive experiences, so make sure your business name is in line with what you want to offer.

Once you’ve decided on a name, the next step is to register your new business with the state. The state’s Office of the Secretary of State is the agency that deals with business registration. A lawyer can help you with this process. The state will review your LLC application and give you final approval.

There are a number of ways to reserve an LLC name, including filing with your state’s Secretary of State. The process involves filing a request for the name and paying a filing fee. Most states allow you to do this online. Your request will be held for 60 to 120 days. You can also extend the reservation period.

Your LLC’s name should not imply any other purpose than what it’s supposed to. For instance, a name that suggests your company is an attorney, medical, or banking entity may require additional paperwork. It should also not be too similar to another LLC’s name. Before filing, you can check whether the name you want is available.

Choosing an LLC name should be an exciting part of the process. A successful business name creates a memorable first impression for your company and can help you establish a strong identity. The perfect name can make your business stand out and take over the market. You can use an online LLC name generator to find a name that is perfect for your business. In addition to meeting legal requirements, it’s important to make sure that the name is brandable and is appropriate for your business.

However, a business name cannot be too similar to any existing legal business name in your state. The State Department of Business can find existing companies by searching the database, and your business name will not be approved if it is too similar to one of them. Therefore, if you want to avoid this, it’s best to choose a name that has not been registered by another company yet.

How to Search Business Name for New LLC

Since having a unique name is essential for all limited partnerships setups, you need to search for the perfect name that will describe your business’s goals and motto clearly and yet help you to attract customers easily. Usually, you can use an LLC name generator for getting suggestions on the names before you file for the same. Also, you can gain an assumed name certificate to form a fictitious name for your entity status.

Check out if your name is available in the state where you want to set up your LLC:

Reasons for Searching Business Name

Now, the main question with the name search is why one actually needs to search for the business name before deciding to file. Well, to be very frank, the US government has set some strict rules regarding the naming of the businesses. And hence, if you pick out a title randomly, it might violate the laws, and thus, your application will never get accepted by the Secretary of State.

The main reasons to conduct a business name search are:

  • To find out the availability of the name that you have thought about for your LLC business in the database.
  • To determine the status of an existing business and get the basic information on the same.
  • To reserve entity names, you have thought about
  • To check whether any other LLC office from different profit corporations is present with the same name or not in your concerned state in the database.
  • To carry out some of the essential administrative works with the business name.

Marketing Considerations for LLC Names

Now, there are some marketing considerations you have to keep in mind while choosing the business name for your LLC company, and these are typically considered for Doing Business As (DBA) names.

  • First of all, the name should be crisp and clear without any clumsiness.
  • Next, you need to ensure that a domain is available in the database for the name you have decided on. If not, you will have to make some tweaks in the chosen name to get the domain.
  • Make sure the name defines the business and what it is about, as that will give a clear idea to your customers. If you have multiple businesses, the same is applicable for the entire list of entities.

In Conclusion

LLC names are crucial. Before you register your LLC name, make sure that name is available. Generally, when a company shuts down, the name is not available for the next few days. After that, it is available so you can use it for your business. Also, you must know that there are some rules and regulations one has to follow while naming their LLC. Once everything is done, you can proceed with the name registration.

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