LLC Cost – How Much Does It Cost to Form an LLC

No matter what type of LLC business structure you are planning to establish, there is a certain amount of LLC cost you have to bear for different types of agreements and operating policies. Be it the multi-member LLCs or the sole proprietorships, considering the overall process costs is essential for every owner. It includes the registration cost, license cost, agreement costs, filing costs, legal documents, and so on.

Once the LLC is formed, there are several other types of LLC maintenance costs that you need to keep in mind as the company owner. The overall cost of an LLC varies according to the state where you are planning to set up the business.

LLC Cost

State LLC Formation Overall Cost Breakdown

The formation process of LLC cost can be broken down into different parts as per the requirements. Here, we have explained the four major LLC setup expenses you will have to bear in the US.

State Filing Fee

llc cost

When you are setting up the LLC business, you need to file for the Articles of Organization or the Articles of Formation. The Articles of Organization would be a legal document that will contain the business name along with the reason for LLC creation and the services you will be providing.

This certificate for Articles of Organization will give your LLC the right to operate in the concerned state. The filing has to be done with the Secretary of State, which differs from one state to the other. Check out the cost of an LLC in your state. A minimal filing fee is charged for the Articles of Organization, which usually ranges between $50 and $100 based on the state itself. However, the state filing fee is quite high in Alaska, almost around $250. Apart from this, there is a cost involved in the Operating Agreement filing, especially if it is a custom operating agreement.

Publication Fee

Three US states- Nebraska, Arizona, and New York City- require a Statement of Formation to be declared in the local newspaper to notify the business market about your LLC. This is where you have to pay the publication fee. Even though it’s a very way to publicize the business, the cost can get quite high based on the state requirements.

For example, according to Section 206 of the New York State Limited Liability Company, every new LLC business will have to publish the Statement of formation in two local newspapers. For this, you need to pay a fee of around $200 to $400 based on the newspapers you are choosing.

Since you also have to have the Certificate of Publication, you need to pay an additional amount of $50. You can hire a business attorney to understand the publication cost for having the Certificate of Organization from the publishing house.

Name Reservation Fee

This particular fee is applicable only for those LLCs which require name reservation prior to starting your LLC. Here, once you decide on your business name, you can reserve it with the Secretary of State so that no other LLC can use your name. For reservation, you need to pay a minimal amount of $10 (amount varies with states) to the government body when submitting the application with the help of the best attorneys.

You can either file the application online or mail it to the Secretary of State along with the required fee. As for the other states, name reservation is an optional step for all businesses, and hence, you wouldn’t have to bear the additional cost. Check out the LLC naming guidelines.

Professional Business License Fees

Since LLC is a form of legal business, you need to get the proper license issued by the state government so that you don’t have to face any sort of legal complications or lawsuit later on. Licenses are issued in two ways- state-wise licenses like in Washington or local licenses in other US states. Based on this, the business license fee will vary between $50 and $100. This particular amount needs to be paid once, after which you will have to bear the license renewal costs. You can take the business license research service to understand more about how such special agreements vary in cost.

State-Wise LLC Formation Cost Examples

As said, the LLC setup cost is different in different states. As the business owner, you should consider the partnership agreements to avoid excess expenditure on the formation process. For this reason, before you actually put the plan into motion, it’s better to have a look at how the costs vary from one region to the other.

  • Alabama: setup cost is $200, and ongoing cost include the annual privilege licenses
  • Alaska: $250 setup cost and $200 needs to be paid biennially as the ongoing operating costs.
  • California: $70 is charged as a setup cost, and $20 needs to be paid biennially as operating costs along with the Annual Franchise tax.
  • Connecticut: the setup cost is $120 and an ongoing fee of $20 annually as operating fees
  • New York: $200 setup cost along with the publication charges and $9 ongoing biennial foes with an Annual filing fee
  • Tennessee: $300 minimum is required as the setup cost and the ongoing charges consist of Annual Franchise and Excise tax

Apart from this, the different costs will be levied for registered agent services after your company completes the first year. To check the price of registered agents, you can check our best LLC service list. Following are the 3 most popular LLC service providers.

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Is an LLC a One Time Fee?

Are you considering forming an LLC? If so, you will need to pay a few upfront fees before you start operating. These fees include an annual report, periodic reports, licenses, and certificates. The cost of this service depends on how much time and money you are willing to invest to get your business up and running. If you are ready to go it alone, you can avoid paying this fee by doing it yourself.

Another important fee is the annual or biennial fee. LLCs need to pay this fee every one or two years in order to stay in compliance and remain in good standing. In addition to the one-time filing fee, there are late fees associated with late fees. Those who fail to pay the annual/biennial tax are liable for paying the fees and facing potential closure of their business. It is therefore essential to pay this amount on time or risk having your business shut down by the state.

The state of incorporation is another factor in determining the fee for LLC formation. If you are not a resident of the US, you can choose from among Wyoming, Delaware, and Washington. Here are the pros and cons of each state. If you plan to form an LLC in the United States, remember that you will need licenses and permits from the state that will regulate your business. These fees can be costly, but they are worth the savings.

LLC Maintenance Costs

Once you have formed the LLC, you will have to think about the various maintenance charges you need to bear. Here, we have listed down the four main expenses you should consider after the LLC formation.

Franchise Tax

llc tax

The Franchise tax is one of the main expenses most LLCs need to bear. It is charged by several states like Delaware annually once the company starts functioning fully. Even though the name suggests a franchise business, it isn’t compulsory that you need to open up a franchise of your LLC. The due date and the tax percentage will depend on the state where your LLC company is. If you make delays in paying the taxes, you will be charged a penalty along with monthly interests. You can pay this tax via your Northwest registered agent, who will remind you of the tax due date so that you can avoid the penalty.

Annual Report Cost

The annual or biennial report needs to be filed every one to two years. This report consists of detailed information about your LLC’s modus operandi and any kind of change that has been introduced. Here, you need to mention the finances, the member transfers, increase in the business credit, employees hired, and other such details. This report needs to be submitted to the Secretary of State along with a submission fee of around $20 to $100 based on the state where your LLC company is situated.

Registered Agent Fee

Since you need to have a registered agent from a third-party LLC agent corporation, you will have to pay the fees. Even though many people try to avoid this fee and nominate themselves as the agent, the decision is not profitable since, without a professional agent, one might mess up with the legal notices, the reminders, the taxes, and others. If such incidents happen, you will have to pay the penalties, which will be costlier than paying the agent his fees. Based on the corporation from where you have hired the agent, the fee will vary.

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