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Inc Authority Review: When you form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) for the first time, it is always wise to get the help of a professional and trustworthy service. If you search online you will get dozens of providers all claiming to be the best. So, the question arises – which LLC service to choose?

Inc Authority is one such service that offers LLC formation. Their big selling point is, they will set up your LLC for Free! (More on this later) We reviewed all their offerings, I would really recommend anyone planning to start an LLC – Please read this review word by word. You might save yourself a lot of time and money!

In this Inc Authority review, I have pointed their service offerings, packages, and why and when you should use them. So without any more waiting, let’s get started 🙂

If you want to get your LLC formed for free then Inc Authority has their basic package for you. Among all other LLC services, Inc Authority is the only one that offers LLC formation services at zero cost. You will only have to pay the govt. fees. However, those fees might be tax-deductible, depending on the state you are forming your LLC in.

Free-of-cost LLC formation is Inc Authority’s front-runner service. They like to call themselves the “Full-service business formation specialist,” thanks to their extended list of business offerings such as a dedicated Business Plan Adviser, Business Funding, Business Credit, etc.

Inc Authority Website

Inc Authority Review: At a Glance


  1. Free of cost LLC formation
  2. Free Registered Agent Service for a year
  3. Outstanding Customer Reviews (Trustpilot)
  4. Express Processing
  5. Free of Cost Name Search
  6. User-friendly Service
  7. Reliable & devoted high-quality Customer Service
  8. Longest Track Record


  • Expensive Premium Packages
  • Additional cost of obtaining EIN
  • Not BBB accredited
  • No refund
  • Service Quality: 4.5/5
  • Turnaround Time: 4/5
  • Pricing: 5/5
  • Customer Feedback: 5/5
  • User Friendly: 4/5

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Inc Authority

About Inc Authority: Who Are They

Inc Authority is an online business formation service popular for setting up LLCs. They started in 1989 and so far they have helped to form more than 1,30,000 businesses. In this article, I will examine if the Inc Authority LLC service is good for forming your LLC or not. Inc Authority’s Business Bundles analysis will make a choice easier for a business owner.

Even though Inc Authority is not the biggest name in the LLC formation business, it has a significant & consistent track record of Business Formation. Inc Authority has amazing reviews on Google. The company is based in Reno, Nevada. It boasts the longest track record in the industry, although it is a small player (a 25 employees company providing many packages). 

In the entry package offered by the company, the offerings are free filing and free registered agent service for 1 year. The company offers many additional services like the business license search, operating agreement drafting, or business credits in the more advanced package.

Packages Offered by Inc Authority

Inc Authority offers different business formation packages with different sets of business services. You can compare these & choose the best suitable business formation package for your business.

Entry Package – Free LLC Formation

$0 + Additional State Fees may apply

Their basic package offers a free LLC formation service which is one-of-a-kind. No other close competitors have this facility. Here is the list of offerings you can expect from this service,

  • Preparing & filing the business documents: Inc Authority prepares the business formation documents & does the business document filing with the State Authority.
  • Business Name Check or Business Name Search: Business name verification is the foundation of all the other business processes. You can check if your chosen Business Name is Available within the state with the help of this package.
  • Free Registered Agent Service for a year: With this bundle, you will never miss an important filing date or payment of an important fine or tax, as this bundle includes free registered Agent Service for a year.
  • S-Election Form 2553: To register your business as an S corporation (and not as the C corporation- which is the default company type), you have to prepare & file S-election form 2553 with the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Inc Authority can file that form on behalf of your company.
  • Digital Storage & Delivery: Your Company’s formation documents, such as the articles of association or other legal documents, are safely stored in the online client portal for easier access. A digital copy of these documents will also be delivered to your official address.
  • State & Federal Tax Planning Consultation: Your company will get expert tax consultation regarding your business income. This will save your business from excess taxation & costs. 

Beneficial For:

Small Business Owners or Small Entrepreneurs should choose this business bundle. Please keep in mind that the filing service offered by Inc Authority is free, but there will be an extra charge of state fees while filing.

Starter Business Bundle

$399 + Additional State Fees may apply

In addition to all the services provided in the free formation services, the Starter Business Bundle has the following offerings:

  • Operating Agreement or bylaws Drafting: The operating agreement enlists the terms & conditions of operations of the company. In Starter Business Bundle, the Operating Agreement or Bylaws are drafted by the Inc Authority.
  • IRS Tax ID or Employer Identification Number (EIN): Inc Authority applies for EIN & prepares all the required documents for the same. An EIN is required to open the business bank account & to hire employees.
  • Record Book & Company Seal: In this bundle, the company’s record book is maintained properly with the company seal (wherever required).
  • INC Success Advisor: Inc Authority provides expert care support to answer any of your doubts or queries via mail or phone. The Inc Authority customer support is popular amongst thousands of customers.
  • Initial Meeting Minutes & resolutions: After forming an LLC, you must keep a record of the Minutes & Resolutions of the company’s important meetings. This bundle does that for you; it puts the meeting minutes & resolutions on record.
  • Ownership Certificates: The bundle also keeps track of the Company’s Ownership Certificates, known as Membership Ownership Certificates.
  • Notifications for Annual Compliance: If you choose this bundle, you get prompt notifications about all the annual compliances. 
  • Website Domain & 5 Email Addresses: This bundle offers a website domain unique to your business & 5 official email addresses.

Beneficial For:

All the Business Entities looking for additional services like Drafting the Operation Agreement or Legal & Financial Solutions should choose this bundle.

Executive Business Bundle

In addition to all the services included in the free LLC formation bundle & the Starter Business Bundle, the Executive Business Bundle has the following offerings: 

  • Business Credit & Funding Evaluation: After carefully reviewing the financial needs of your business, a business funding & credit professional will suggest some business credit & funding solutions for your business. This analysis also helps maintain the business credit score & offers useful funding evaluations or funding options.
  • Business License Report: A unique Business License Reporting software or a business licensing software included in this bundle shall tell you what licenses your business needs based on the location & industry of your business.

Beneficial For:

LLCs looking for a business license report Or requiring some suggestions on funding or credit for the business can choose this bundle.

Tycoon Business Bundle

$799 + Additional State Fees may apply

In addition to all the things mentioned the other bundles, the Tycoon Business Bundles offers:

  • Express Processing: All of your processing of the documents will be expedited in this bundle, which means you can bid goodbye to delays or long wait periods during the filing of documents or taxes. This will ultimately have a lesser formation turnaround time.
  • Bizcredit Express: This is like the jewel of all the services provided under the Tycoon Business Bindle. You get-
    1. Business Credit coach – A one-on-one business credit coaching session with a Business Credit Coach for 90 days. This is the best business credit assistance your company can get.
    2. Multi-tiered Credit Building System – An efficient system to build the company’s credit quickly & systematically.
    3. Business Credit Launchpad – A web-based step-by-step program for a comprehensive business credit development process.
    4. Dun & Bradstreet Credit Bureau Registration – An initial registration & report from the well-known business credit reporting bureau and a reputable credit rating agency: Dun & Bradstreet (D&B).

Beneficial For:

Huge Business Entities with huge funds to manage & require credit analysis should opt for the Tycoon Business Bundle. Once a business opts for this bundle, there is absolutely no burden on business owners.

Other Benefits (Services) Offered By Inc Authority

Like other LLC service providers, Inc Authority too has a bundle of additional services. You can take these services along with the formation packages or can choose them separately by paying separate prices for these.

The weird thing about Inc Authority is it does not disclose prices for many services it offers. Hence, it won’t be possible for anyone to compare the prices with other competitors. You will have to send them an inquiry for the same.

Some of the additional services (e.g EIN) might come for free in general. But, Inc Authority charges handsome fees for that. Below are some of the additional features which are available as customized items:

  • Registered Agent Service: Cost – $99 (yearly) after 1st year
  • Operating Agreement: Cost – $89
  • EIN: $49
  • Website Registration: Cost – $10
  • Ownership certificate & seal of legal documents (package): Cost – $99
  • Same-day filing: Cost – $49
  • Express Delivery: Cost – $30
  • Inc Authority Advisor: Cost – $27 (monthly) & $197 (yearly)

Apart from the services mentioned above, there are some more services Inc Authority offers to form and grow your LLC. However, you need to contact and ask for the prices of these services.

  • Register Your Trademark
  • Business Credit
  • Business Funding
  • Business Planning
  • Website & Marketing Planning Package

Final Verdict: Should You Use Inc Authority?

If I compare Inc Authority with other competitors, its free LLC formation service will make it a big-time winner. People tend to go for Inc Authority services for their absolutely free LLC formation service. Along with that, with Inc Authority, you will get your registered agent for free for 1 year. After 1 year it will start charging $99 per year which is comparatively reasonable. Hence, I can say, Inc Authority is a clear-cut winner here.

inc authority free llc formation

However, there are some services such as an operating agreement that do not come with any of their packages. Users have to buy them separately. An operating agreement costs $89. Apart from that, if your LLC has employees then you need to obtain EIN. Inc Authority charges $49 for getting EIN. If you obtain it directly by applying to IRS, it costs nothing. Hence, along with the perks of free LLC formation, it has some useless charges which one has to carry.

When You Should Use it?

If you are a beginner and forming your LLC for the first time, no doubt, Inc Authority is the option for you. It is budget-friendly and gives you a registered agent service for a whole year for free. When you are NOT looking for any advanced services you can always choose Inc Authority. It gives you 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to forming a Limited Liability Company.

When You Should Not Use it?

On the contrary, if you are looking for advanced services, unlike the beginners then you might jot consider Inc Authority. Services like professional business planners, lawyers, business credits, etc are highly-priced in Inc Authority compared to other competitors. The premium packages offered by Inc Authority are a bit high. Besides, the processing time in Inc Authority is average. To make it quick you have to pay additional bucks. Hence, I would recommend if you are NOT looking for basic services then you should check other services’ prices before you opt for Inc Authority.

It would help if you considered a competitor over Inc Authority – because of the third-party partners. Some of the services provided by the Inc Authority are outsourced to different service providers, which may delay the process & increase the expense. 

Price Comparison: Inc Authority vs Others

NameBasic Package CostHighest Package Cost
Inc Authority$0$799
Northwest Registered Agents$225$225
Rocket Lawyer$39.99 (For Premium Members)$99 (For Non-Premium Members)


Is LLC formation with Inc Authority really free?

Yes. Inc Authority does not charge any price to form an LLC. However, the state filing charges/fees may apply.

Is it essential to have a registered agent?

It is not mandatory to have a registered agent for your LLC. But, it is highly advisable to have one for proper & timely filing of various documents & taxes. So that you don’t have to bear late fees or penalties.

How do I cancel my Inc Authority Business Services?

You can cancel their services anytime by calling on their phone number. Call on 877-684-2836, their official phone number to cancel the service.

Is Inc Authority Legit?

Yes, Inc Authority is a completely legit business. They have started their journey in 1989 and since then around 130,000 companies have been generated by Inc Authority.

How Much Inc Authority Cost to Form My LLC?

The entry-level package offered by Inc Authority does not cost you anything to form an LLC. You may have to pay a minimum state fee to register your LLC name and file Articles of Organization.

Wrapping Up

The Free Formation service offered by Inc Authority is the most attractive service offered by them, it’s the front runner. However, for any additional services, the packages are a bit on the higher side. It is advised that you compare the package prices & then choose the most suitable package.

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