Colorado Foreign LLC – Qualification and Registration

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If you already have an LLC in another state and want a Colorado LLC, then how to start an LLC would be somewhat different. You must register as a foreign LLC. We have here a guide on how you can qualify and register for a foreign LLC in Colorado. 

Forming an Colorado Foreign LLC

A foreign LLC does not need to be a company from another country but a business formed under the laws of another state. To start a foreign LLC in Colorado, you need to register it with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Step 1: Choose Colorado Foreign LLC Name

Obtain a name reservation certificate and submit it with your foreign qualification requirements at the Colorado Secretary of State. Your LLC’s legal name outside of Colorado will be listed on the application, along with the name it will use in Colorado. Take note of the requirements for naming your LLC

Check name availability at Colorado’s business entity names and reserve your LLC name.

Step 2: Select Colorado Foreign LLC Registered Agent

You’ll need a registered agent to form a foreign LLC in Colorado and take note that a Colorado registered agent must have a local address. Here are three of the best LLC services on our list: 

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Step 3: File Registration of Colorado Foreign LLC 

Fill out and submit a Statement of Foreign Entity Authority via email to or by mail to Colorado Department of State, 1700 Broadway Suite 550 Denver, CO 80290.

Include the following:

  • LLC’s full legal name. 
  • A fictitious name or a DBA (only if your LLC’s legal name is not available); Attach a statement of adoption of the fictitious name signed by all LLC members.
  • LLC’s principal office and mailing addresses.
  • LLC formation state and date.
  • Registered agent’s name and address in Colorado
  • Date when your LLC will start operations in Colorado.
  • Credit card information on the last page of the form for the $100 application fee. 

The LLC cost in Colorado, even for foreign LLCs will differ between online filing and by mail.

Step 4: Determine How Your Colorado Foreign LLC is taxed

Foreign LLCs are also subjected to the Colorado Business Privilege Tax, and they must file LLC annual reports each year.

Note that forming a foreign LLC would be good for your business as you can legally operate in a different state thus reaching a larger market and opening more opportunities for higher profit.

Steps to Filing Colorado Foreign LLC Online

Time needed: 5 minutes.

When you start a foreign LLC registered in Colorado, you need to pay $100 as filing fees. For the online filing process, one has to follow the online filing guidelines. Here’s what you need to do.

  1. Go to the Official Website

    To start the process, visit the Colorado Secretary of State portal. Select the ‘File a Business Document’ from the list given and go to the business document page.
    Colorado Foreign LLC step 1

  2. Create a New Record

    To start registering your Colorado foreign LLC, click on the ‘File a form to create a NEW record’ option on your screen.
    Colorado Foreign LLC step 2

  3. File a Form

    In this section, you will get a list of business types to form. Select “foreign entity” as you are intended to register an out-of-state entity in Colorado.
    Colorado Foreign LLC step 3

  4. True Name Availability Search

    In this section, you need to enter the exact same name of your LLC. In the case of a foreign LLC in Colorado, you have to mention the exact same name of your LLC that is already formed in other states.
    Colorado Foreign LLC step 4

  5. Optional Assumed Entity Name

    If you wish to give your foreign LLC in Colorado a new name, then you can select this option. On the other hand, if you want to stick to the exact name of your LLC then select the option “no” and move on to the next section.
    Colorado Foreign LLC step 5

  6. Statement of Foreign Entity Authority

    This is the main section of the registration process. You will get the form/statement to fill. Enter all the relevant information related to your LLC and click on the “Submit” button. The following sections are to be filled out:

    > Form details
    > Principal Address
    > Registered Agent information
    > Additional Information
    > Delayed Date
    > Email Address
    > Details of the individual who is filing the document

    After entering all the information, hit the “Submit” button to go to the payment page
    Colorado Foreign LLC step 6

  7. Payment

    Finally, make the payment of $100 to complete the online registration process for the Foreign LLC in Colorado.

It is convenient plus easy to file for the foreign LLC if you are doing it online. The steps are very easy and that’s why it’s possible to go along with the steps and form the foreign LLC in Colorado. 

After Forming Colorado Foreign LLC

Here are added things you need to accomplish after forming your Colorado Foreign LLC

  1. Obtain Business Licenses. Find the business licenses you’ll need using the Business License Search.
  2. File LLC annual reports and Business Privilege Tax.
  3. Pay State Taxes like sales tax; you’ll need an EIN for your LLC

How Much Does It Cost to Register a Foreign LLC in Colorado

If you’re planning to start a foreign LLC, you might wonder how much it costs to register it in Colorado. There are several ways to pay for this process. You can use your prepaid account to pay for your foreign LLC registration online or you can pay by credit or debit card if you wish to file a paper application. In any case, you’ll need to pay at least $100 for the initial registration fee.

First of all, foreign LLCs must register an Employer Identification Number. This is the equivalent of a social security number for your company, and it is required for tax purposes. You can apply for this number online or by calling the Internal Revenue Service directly. This number will be instantly available. If you’re considering registering a foreign LLC in Colorado, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

When starting a foreign LLC in Colorado, you’ll need to file periodic reports every year. Each filing will cost you $10, and it’s best to file them online. Additionally, a foreign LLC in Colorado must register with the CO SOS. If you have a local Colorado LLC, you’ll need to pay a $100 registration fee. Ultimately, registering a foreign LLC in Colorado is the best way to avoid paying taxes on your profits.

A foreign LLC must follow the rules and guidelines for Colorado business names. You must also choose a registered agent for your foreign LLC in Colorado. You should also create a comprehensive LLC operating agreement that clearly states the roles and responsibilities of each member. This document will keep you and your foreign LLC protected. Further, you should also ensure that you adhere to all other requirements for a foreign LLC. This will make it easier for you to conduct your business.

If you don’t want to register your LLC name in Colorado, you can use a fictitious business name instead. This form is known as an “DBA” or assumed name. This form is filed with the Colorado Secretary of State. The filing fee is $20 for new companies and $10 for renewals. Adding a DBA to your LLC is also necessary if you wish to use a trade name for your business.

The Secretary of State requires a business to file an annual report every year. The state charges a $50 penalty for failure to file the report on time. To avoid this, you should consider hiring a registered agent service to help you keep track of the filing deadlines and avoid late fees. A registered agent service can also help you stay compliant with the LLC filing requirements. This service will remind you about important filing deadlines and keep you from incurring late fees.

If you choose to do business in Colorado, you’ll need to file a Periodic Report with the Secretary of State. This report shows the ownership details of the LLC. The filing fee for this report is $10. If you decide to file it online, you’ll need to pay an additional $5 fee. If you’re planning to do business in Colorado, you’ll need to pay the same fee.


What is a foreign LLC in Colorado?

If your LLC is formed under the laws of another state, it is referred to as a foreign LLC in Colorado.

Do I need a foreign LLC?

Businesses incorporated outside of the state where they operate must have “foreign qualifications” issued in the other states.

What is the main difference between domestic and foreign LLC?

A domestic LLC is a company registered in Colorado as an LLC. The entity type that has a physical presence in another state is a foreign LLC.

In Conclusion

Starting a foreign LLC in Colorado does not require a lot of documentation or tasks. However, it is always good to seek help from a professional when it comes to running your business. Get a professional registered agent and form your foreign LLC anywhere without a hassle.

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