About Us

On this page, you’ll learn about the following:

Who Are We?

StartMyLLC is put together by a team of entrepreneurs and finance experts. They saw the need to collate and provide various financial and business information that is often difficult for laypeople. The site covers guides to using virtual wallets and online payment platforms. There are also lists of routing numbers, steps to forming LLCs, activation of credit cards online, and many other helpful details. 

Our story

Our experts’ experiences and observations among their clients of finding information online triggered StartMyLLC’s birth. 

What are the common issues?

  • Determining banks’ routing numbers is challenging. 
  • Forming an LLC without having to resort to paid experts is ambiguous. 
  • Activating cards and filing complaints is confusing.
  • Figuring out features of virtual wallets or only payments is tricky. 

These are only a few of the many trivial financial and business concerns that ordinary people often encounter. 

What We Offer

After realizing all these concerns, our experts thought of setting up a finance and business site that covers topics typically ignored by other financial blogs. Most financial guides offer tips on how to grow personal wealth or manage personal finance. StartMyLLC, however, focuses on the more technical information made easy for users to understand and perform. They created easy-to-follow guides on the following:

  • Troubleshooting issues with online payments like PayPal
  • Activating and using credit cards with several online stores or shops
  • Setting up businesses like LLCs
  • Figuring out other features of finance tools
  • Finding bank routing numbers 

StartMyLLC, therefore, created a one-stop shop. The aim is to help everyone, business people and laypeople alike, to perform what used to be trivial yet tedious tasks online. 

StartMyLLC brings you the following:

  • Access guides that tell you where to go for your concerns on online shopping, credit cards, online payments, among many others.
  • How to start an LLC guides so you can set up your business in every state.
  • Paypal information and everything you need to know, from verifying it to using it for donations. 
  • Routing Numbers of every US bank for your wire transfers and other banking needs. 
  • Reviews of online financial tools and platforms
  • “How to” articles that give you easy-to-follow steps of how to do financial activities online. 

Why Us?

Our founders and contributors are entrepreneurs, business professionals, and academics who experienced and now understand the grueling task of doing certain financial activities online.

We differ from other financial sites that typically offer tips on becoming rich or managing your funds. We offer you PRACTICAL guides to actually perform financial activities online. 

We want to help you avoid the same troubles we encountered.

We want to ease your burden.